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An Eye to the Future

The old world banking systems are in transition.  We need not point out the obvious -- that returns from banks are paltry at best, that losses of pensions and standard investment accounts are in peril, that banks and their bail in protocols place their bad decisions on their clients shoulders ... and there is much going on behind the scenes by the world's financial institutions.  However, there are alternatives and opportunity is often found in such transitional times...


Block chain technology, by many expert accounts, is part and parcel of our collective global NEW,  and, not just in cutting-edge financial sectors but across all industries from shipping and transportation, to medical records and databases, you name it, the future is here.

With a view to the financial sectors, what was heralded just twelve months ago by institutional big boy banking oligarchs who were calling Crypto Currencies ponzi schemes, baseless, and backless, today are making major headlines by no less than their entrance into the crypto currency world but also by their development of such as a means to mitigating their precarious financial positions.

There are now several Exchange Traded Funds (EFT's), Hedge Funds, Mutual Funds and even some International Banks and Credit Card programs that are accepting and allowing the exchange of and conversion to crypto currencies, two of which are PayPal and Square.  Who has not yet heard that Elon Musk of Tesla fame now accepts Bitcoin as payment for his vehicles?  Who has not heard that high paid sports personalities are requesting payment via crypto currencies?  Crypto Currencies are mainstream.  More vendors will accept payments in crypto currencies, and many people are recognizing the value of  crypto currencies as a storage unit for capital and wealth preservation.  Further, there is recognition and even anticipation that crypto currencies are the new economic means of exchange globally.

It behooves us all to consider the price rise of Bitcoin, for example, in direct relation to the USD.  Why would Bitcoin be rising?  Obviously due in direct relation to the devaluing of the USD -- A cause for concern?  You betcha.  An opportunity?  Most definitely.

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