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Cryptocurrency market at $2 B USD Market Cap

As Published by VIP Trader -- The digital currency market is recording a value of $ 2 Billion for the first time, after two days of unusual increases.

While Bitcoin, the leading currency, rose only about 2% and is now trading at a rate of about $ 59,000, it was the alternative currencies (alts) that launched the market value.

In the last week, about $ 300 billion has been added to the market, an increase of about 14%.

Ripple (XRP) leads the rises Among the leading currencies is the Ripple Currency (XRP) which returns from the dead and records an increase of over 40% today. The currency is currently trading at $ 1.001 after reaching $ 0.88 earlier today. In doing so, it completes an increase of about 98% in the last three weeks. Ether (ETH) is not far behind and broke a new record this week. The currency, the second largest in the crypto market, traded at $ 2,114 with a 25% increase in the past week.

Apart from them, there are other altos that join the celebration of the "alto season": Thesos (XTZ) - an increase of about 20% today and 40% in the last week Steller (XLM) - an increase of about 20% today and 30% in the last week Tron (TRX) - an increase of about 6% today but 110% in the last week EOS - an increase of about 16% today but about 70% in the last week And other too...

Bitcoin's dominance is falling

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