Short, Mid, Long Term

One of the greatest assets to this process is that there is something for all -- all People, all Families, all entities that qualify.

There is a plan(s) to suit all needs, wants and desires: 


Mix and match and customize just for you.

  • MONTHLY Make and Takes (MT's we call them) --  Short Term programs usually ranging from 8 to 14 days.  These contracts fit well into a portfolio for cash flow and spending money.

  • QUARTERLY Programs: Mid Term.  These contracts offer a longer term for more gains while still being useful in a portfolio for future cash flow needs.

  • YEARLY Programs: One, Two, Three:  Long Term -- These contracts are ideal as retirement plans, future major purchase like automobiles and houses, businesses purchases, weddings, college tuition ...


Upon request, we can provide you with examples of contracts and past experience gains.