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With No Loss

Unless you chose otherwise, and unless fully disclosed before commencement of any particular contract -- short, mid or long term -- your inputs will be insured. 

By insurance, we do not mean as part of some trading strategy or as in a Hedge-type process, we mean literally -- insured;  by an insurance company, on a contract by contract basis, and to the fullest extent of the input -- if not more (or as per each specific contract disclosure).

Too good to be true?  For most opportunities, yes.  In fact unbelievable and really for most, unheard of.  For us a a team, a group?  Nope.  This is our "Norm." We enjoy insurance against capital losses.

Are these just words?  Has it been tested?  Has any policy ever paid out?  Yes, with ease, no hassles, no paperwork, no waiting -- it just is.

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